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A licensed and insured Professional Registered Nurse who is a member of the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers provides all services.

Initial phone consultation is FREE. This will allow you to determine if the services we offer are appropriate and can meet your needs.

Adult/ Senior Care Management Assessment

Physical Assessment, Psycho-social, Home safety, Medical-legal assessments. Assessment includes medication review for side effects and interactions. The assessment can be provided in the home, hospital or nursing home.

Follow-up Home or Facility Visit, MD Appointment Escort

Follow-up visits as requested. We can escort and provide advocacy for the patient at their scheduled Physician appointments. This can be of particular value when family does not live in the same area as the client.

Medical Record Review and Diagnosis Research

Review of medical record and report on findings and their relationship to the patient's disease. This service is of particular value in complex medical cases, involving multiple physicians and tests when a diagnosis or treatment strategy may be in question. Records can be reviewed and organized into a clear, comprehensive report that can be of great value on complex cases when multiple consultations may be required.

Phone Liaison/ Safety Checks

We can also provide phone check-ups and routine visits on patients when their families live out of town or go on vacation.

Care coordination, resource finding, paper work and insurance filing

Locating and coordinating services required based on needs identified during assessment and at the request of the patient and family.

Bill Paying and Insurance filing

Ensuring that the client's bills are paid on time and review insurance claims for accuracy.

Member of the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers

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