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Here are comments from our clients who have decided to take control of their own healthcare and quit feeling like victims of their illnesses and the healthcare system. No matter what diagnosis someone has "assigned" to you, being an educated patient can improve your treatment and hopefully your outcome. At Patient Care Advocates...

Our only interest is YOUR interest.

"Thank you Denise! Had you not been my advocate, I would be home writing my will and waiting to die from Lou Gehrig's Disease (as my doctor diagnosed) instead of being tested, diagnosed, undergoing treatment and showing improvement from Lyme Disease." Kim R.

"My doctor told me that there was nothing more he could do for me and I should seek pain management services. That was 7 years ago and because you found this unacceptable and acted as my advocate, the cause of my pain was discovered through proper testing and treatment and I have fully recovered. Thank you for caring." Betty L

"I felt like I was getting worse and worse and no one could figure out what was wrong with me. I thought I was just getting older and should accept my problems,but you offered encouragement and your research into my symptoms and cooperative efforts with my doctor made all the difference. Thanks for your support and guiding me down the path to recovery." Karen C

"Your research uncovered what countless neurologists and pediatricians had been unable to find. I hate to think of what would have happened to my daughter had we not found you." Pam N

"Because you took the time to listen, ask the right questions and research, YOU were able to identify the cause of my headaches and I am now seeing a specialist you located in Alabama and anticipate a full recovery." Susan M.

"Thank you for assisting me to find the right nursing home for my Mom and Dad. You helped me to understand Alzheimer's disease and identified the level of care my parents required and facilities that were close to my home. It was a difficult decision, but with your experience and insight I know I made the right decision." Don C

We want to thank you for taking the trouble to share your considerable expertise on Lyme disease. I am sure your work makes a great many demands on your time and it’s hard to find the energy for everything. My daughter is a young mother with so much to look forward to in life and your support has made an enormous difference to her outcome. Thank you from our whole family. Sara S

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